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Markets Yes aims to revolutionise the online Forex industry by providing Forex and CFD traders with a bespoke online trading service.

We bring traders cutting-edge trading technology specialising in Forex and CFD trading.

As a company we have made it a priority to provide the most highly sought after trading tools to our clients and allow them to benefit from the highest quality education.


Forex & CFD

Markets Yes considers itself a global leader in Foreign Exchange Trading and CFD Investments.

Our core philosophy is maintaining the highest quality of market research with superior execution yielding high rate of returns for our clients globally.

In the every changing world of global investment strategies the forex market is the largest financial market in the world, with over 4 Trillion dollars traded daily.

CFDs, or Contracts for Difference, are agreements to buy or sell an underlying instrument for a specified period of time. CFDs have gained tremendous popularity among investors and institutions worldwide.


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Proprietary Research

The MarketsYes Tailored Education

At Markets Yes, we believe that successful investing is grounded in having the right information at the right point of time during your trading. To do this, you need a clear view of the whole investment picture. By hiring the best and brightest professionals globally, we deliver seamless research tailored to our clients individual trading needs.


Our proprietary education approach offers you a whole complete investment picture by combining both fundamental and technical research. Fundamental analysis convey the markets’ big picture, while technical analysis reveals the specific markets reactions at a point of time.



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