Account Types

Managed accounts have proven to provide greater diversification to a traditional investment portfolio of stocks and bonds while also reducing risk and volatility. They also can bring exposure to the increasingly important international markets. The case for diversifying your investment portfolio with managed futures is extremely strong, and has been consistent over the years and their varying economic conditions.

Markets Yes Managed Accounts:
“If an investor wishes to increase the performance and reduce the risk and volatility in an overall investment portfolio, that investor should combine non-correlated asset classes with one another.”

Modern Portfolio Theory
Harry Markowitz

Nobel Prize in Economics, 1990

Benefits of Managed Accounts
There are a number of benefits to adding Foreign exchange & CFDs to an investment portfolio. Some of these include:

  • Potential for reduced portfolio volatility risk
  • Potential for enhanced portfolio returns
  • Ability to profit in any economic environment
  • Ease of global diversification
  • Professional management

Professional Account
Experienced traders that use their own market analysis to make trading decisions and manage risk are the perfect candidates for our Professional Accounts. Markets Yes provides complimentary access to our online trading platforms to all valued customers. Depending on your trading needs, we have relationships with several third party platform vendors as well that will enable you to execute and clear trades through Markets Yes.

  • The Markets Yes Professional Account gives advanced traders access to the best trading conditions and tools available.
  • Markets Yes, a Personal technology manager will be handling your account and ensuring that you have all that you need to be successful in your trading.
  • At Markets Yes provides with the best and tightest spreads in the industry.
Markets YES